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We are working on our Website Design at the moment.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this causes.



We have started the major review of the Society Byelaws which is somewhat overdue.   It will take a while and from time to time we will be asking Members to look and comment on what's being proposed.    Please remember that a large number of the cultivation Byelaws are in place due to the requirements of the Allotment Acts and our Lease with the Council.   The inclusion of these requirements in the Byelaws is beyond our control. 

Roger Whitehead - Chair

Site News

Shop News

18th April -  We are awaiting delivery of quite a look of stock at the moment and our stock of

compost etc will shortly be back to normal.

Good News - We won 

Covid - 19 Coronavirus Site Updates - We will always follow the latest Government Advice

Our Facebook page (North Bournemouth Allotment Society) is normally the most up-to-date way to stay in touch.   At the moment the shop, toilets, and clubhouse coffee shop are open as normal.  

Covid  - Updates

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